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a fair and balanced birdthing

14:11 Tell Harry Reid: Force Republicans to filibuster Shelby's holds bit.ly/9aVC20 Pls RT #

14:18 I'm back from my hiatus, I think. 6more weeks winter, post-birthday, generalized February Funk got to me, and I've been minimally online. #

14:23 Pentagon decision ensures military women access to emergency contraception! bit.ly/cegjvn #p2 #fem2 (via @NARAL) #goodnews #

14:31 Springsteen Pissed At ASCAP For Implying He Instigated Lawsuit Against Pub; Demands His Name Removed dlvr.it/1NZd (via @techdirt) #

15:00 Do Black Women’s Reproductive Rights Even Matter? bit.ly/9OjMFz (via @womanistmusings) #

15:07 12-Year-Old Girl Arrested in School For Doodling on Desk: is.gd/7LVvf (via @AlterNet) #

15:31 Song I'm digging at them moment - Cleopatra in New York: ♫ blip.fm/~kez7q #

15:40 We are ready for commercial human spaceflight, says Leroy Chiao, member of the Augustine Commission. ow.ly/14iH9 #

17:52 Criminalizing Immigrants: Unlawful and Harmful to the Public bit.ly/c6xanv (via @ACLU) #

17:56 What about the 33 Haitian 'orphans' whose rescuers are in jail? And poor Haitian children, generally? bit.ly/ctdwev #

18:42 delicious: Build Good Credit Without Credit Cards - Credit Cards - Lifehacker: bit.ly/a9BJHC #

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