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11:12 WANT: bit.ly/7OrcaK #

12:59 Tell Pres. Obama: Grant Haitians "Temporary Protected Status" in the U.S. bit.ly/7QnMbS @credomobile #haiti Please RT #

13:04 Experiment shows how people can become more or less religious depending on the situation bit.ly/4zjwYU (via @newscientist) #

13:08 Will Google Pull Out Of India, Australia And Other Countries Over Internet Censorship? dlvr.it/ShJ (via @techdirt) #

13:19 Internet Survival Guide for Traveling Where Privacy Isn't Respected lifehacker.com/5447560/ #privacy #google (via @Lifehacker) #

13:33 Dear World: UPS is NOT shipping free to Haiti - false rumor, per UPS. Do not spread info w/o verifying 1st : is.gd/6gyTE #

13:40 Tell the FCC: don't put a copyright loophole into net neutrality bit.ly/8lvbAf (via @BoingBoing) #

13:43 ACTA confidentiality req's revisited: US seeks to keep docs secret for period after talks conclude. bit.ly/8Gtygh (via @michaelgeist) #

13:49 Everything You Need To Refute a File-Sharing Legal Threat bit.ly/5tRviD (via @torrentfreak) #

13:56 Maori legends of Te Hokioi, a giant man-eating bird, may refer to recently extinct giant Haast's Eagle. tw2t.com/88 (via @factlets) #

14:04 delicious: Internet Survival Guide for Traveling Where Privacy Isn't Respected: bit.ly/5ECXtA #

14:04 Supreme Court blocks plans to broadcast Prop. 8 trial digg.com/u1K4bV (via @CSMnational) #

14:08 Get the scoop on the mysterious space object that streaked past Earth at 21,000 mph yesterday ow.ly/Ww6F (via @Discovery_News) #

14:11 bit.ly/8RilPY is the CNN report about the UPS and American Airlines hoaxes. Pls RT so we can quash this nonsense. (via @lysana) #

15:35 Supreme Court Bans Videotaping to Protect Prop. 8 Supporters bit.ly/7Q0hg1 (via @ACLU) #

15:44 In case you missed it, Pfizer giving free drugs for unemployed for another yr, Wyeth drugs included bit.ly/7BRH8o (via @dermdoc) #

15:49 All the reasons why I love Dollhouse, and why you should be watching it. tinyurl.com/ya7rmf4 (via @wickedgoddess) #

15:53 Google search suggestions highlight striking gender differences: bit.ly/6YXR74 RT @kstinchfield (via @goodhealth) #

16:00 The link between BPA and heart disease: bit.ly/4DIFYS Plus 9 more heart attack risks: bit.ly/7uW7lj (via @goodhealth) #

16:09 delicious: Autocomplete Me: bit.ly/2hKoT5 #

17:10 Ooh! I wanna go see this! www.nationalgeographic.com/terracottawarriors/ #

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