a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

10:04 If you're worried about a #waronchristmas, you should probably read some #history. Here, have some! is.gd/5lQ8T #

11:03 I got my Park Seed catalog yesterday. Already I am garden-hungry! Does anyone know where I can get some hyssop? #

11:11 Hundreds of billions in crime money knowingly laundered by banks during credit crunch bit.ly/80so3Z (via @BoingBoing) #

11:24 Poor women being turned away from free cancer screenings: 20 states cite budget probs #feminism bit.ly/62n8R8 (via @feminismtoday) #

11:33 .@AnniseParker named mayor of Houston making it the largest city with an openly gay mayor!! Congrats! (via @JoinTheImpact) #goodnews #

11:41 Implicit Hollywood rule discouraging non-traditional female characters? #feminism bit.ly/4pB9Ky (via @feminismtoday) #

12:00 Cleric calls for slaughter of opposition, if Leader allows it: is.gd/5lUNz (via @TehranBureau) #

12:32 delicious: The Hathor Legacy -: Site mission: to create a record of dissenting voices, so the film/tv industry is f... bit.ly/5BUzhK #

12:50 Facebook and Google: Contrasts in Privacy bit.ly/4tCFUE (via @privacybytes) #

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