a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Decisions, decisions.

Well, it was certainly a productive vacation.

Reunion was fun, though I was out of it much of the time (I suspect I was fighting off illness, of an unspecified nature...mostly I needed to sleep a lot). While I was there, I was invited to send my resume in for an open IT support position (which I'll be doing today).

It would be a radical change for me if it works out, and an even more radical departure from my current plans (nebulous as they are). But it could be a really good thing. We'll see.

I also adopted a kitten this weekend!! Well, sort of. I've wanted to adopt this particular kitten for some time now, but due to roommate constraints, have been unable to. I've decided that I'll be moving in the fall whether or not I get the Simon's Rock position, and so have made a deal with my friend Steanne for her to care for him till I move (he's been a stray in her neighborhood since he was born). Incidentally, if I don't get the SR gig, I'll be moving to Philly and renting a room from Steanne, so it's all happy. Kitty's at the vet today, getting snipped, shot & de-flea'd.

If I *do* end up moving to Philly, I'm making provisions to be unemployed through December, so I'll have a solid 4 months in which to find a job and/or work some temp gigs. All good.

I also bought a sewing machine this weekend. From Ebay, for $99. It does all kinds of fancy stuff, but the main reason I got it is so that I can start making cotton chemises for SCA & Renfaire folk. They're easy to make, and from what I've seen, horribly overpriced...so I'm gonna try to create some additional income for myself. My goal is to create 4-5 per month, which should make a nice bit of extra padding for my savings...I hope.

And finally, as always, I'm working on writing more, and possibly even sending some submissions in to various publishers.

A final note: it looks like I'm going on a road trip to CreepCon this weekend! What fun!
Tags: crafty, critters, travel, work
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