a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

14:12 There must be a storm incoming -- I'm so sleepy I can barely keep my eyes open. #

14:53 Our car is kinda broken. I'm hoping that our budget for repairs will be enough to actually succeed in fixing the problem. #

15:58 delicious: Shakesville: If You Really Mean It About Moving To Canada...: bit.ly/2yy2Ld #

16:03 How many hell points do *you* have? is.gd/5fhpX #

16:55 Yahoo Doesn't Want You To Know It's Spying Price List; Issues DMCA Takedown dlvr.it/2mT (via @techdirt) #

16:57 My Life is a Non-Negotiable Demand: TELL NELSON TO PUT DOWN THE AMENDMENT #feminism bit.ly/7Abz7b (via @feminismtoday) #

17:10 Days after the US invaded Iraq that Sony trademarked “Shock & Awe” for video games: 1 harpers.org/x/2009/1/30 (via @harpers) #

17:14 13 Religious Groups Tell Senate to #stopstupak bit.ly/8491ko #stupak #hcr (via @rhrealitycheck) #

17:19 Record Labels Face $60 Billion Damages for Pirating Artists: bit.ly/76aKF6 (via @tpb) #

17:26 Target fails at Christmas: calls the cops to kick out Mary, Jose & their baby. #feminism bit.ly/8jZGwH (via @feminismtoday) #

17:54 EPA rules that greenhouse gases are harmful to human health bit.ly/8OghAi (via @CSMnational) #

17:56 Mass arrests in #Iran - gov't considers all protests illegal ow.ly/JEz1 #freespeech #womensrights #iranelection (via @amnesty) #

21:43 Telegraph: Iran police shoot at unarmed protesters during Tehran demonstrations is.gd/5fvO0 #iranelection (via @IranRiggedElect) #

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