a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

23:47 WANT: bit.ly/5yDfod #

00:41 US ACTA Official Squirms, Talks Drivel - bit.ly/4EbrZ5 @jamie_love scores a palpable hit #acta #drivel (via @glynmoody) #

00:48 Danish Anti-Piracy Group Tells DVD Ripper Who Turned Himself In That It Won't Sue Him dlvr.it/29N (via @techdirt) #

00:48 Iranian Crackdown Goes Global: bit.ly/8S1lc2 #Iran #IranElection (via @IranRiggedElect) #

16:50 Drug-Makers Paying Off Competitors To Keep Cheap Generics Off Market bit.ly/5XGiQE (via @paidbrian) #

18:35 WANT: bit.ly/4OOGdT #

20:35 #Highlarious - UPS turns over iMac to the FDA before delivering: is.gd/5cJCJ Somebody needs to lighten up on the crack! #

20:51 Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund is looking to hire a staff lawyer. bit.ly/7verYp PRT (via @katebornstein) #

20:55 Support women's rights: Join the 10,000 in 10 days campaign bit.ly/7yAg96 #humanrights (via @JonHutson) #

21:41 Were dinosaurs really cold-blooded? A new study says probably not. ow.ly/IEXF (via @Discovery_News) #

21:42 Thanks to XML coding error, brokerage receives delivery of 28,000 tons of coal. bit.ly/91h1N9 (via @Danjite) #

21:46 How to Email a Text Message to a Cell Phone is.gd/5bUIv (via @AnnePMitchell) #

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