a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

23:14 Storm Large live=WOW. That is all. #

00:25 I'd really like to catch the Silk Road exhibit at the Natural History Museum while we're here, but my apparent strep throat may prevent it. #

08:02 Clone-A-Willy kits: is.gd/59Zdg #

09:03 Swollen glands = feels like I have a couple of kiwis stuck in my neck. Kinda looks like it, too. #

09:10 UK considers abolishing right to opt-out of electoral register bc it is useful to the private sector. is.gd/5a0QL (via @privacyint) #

09:25 Autism and schizophrenia could be genetic opposites bit.ly/77wZw1 (via @newscientist) #

09:42 UK Man Jailed For Refusing To Decrypt His Files dlvr.it/20V (via @techdirt) #

09:43 No Deep Packet Inspection: Fund Raising - bit.ly/4rvnch fight DPI in the UK: support No DPI #dpi #mandelson (via @glynmoody) #

09:48 Online day of action and call-in day TODAY! See how you can make a difference: bit.ly/7mRdGJ #p2 #fem2 #StopStupak (via @NARAL) #

09:50 DC Council Passes Marriage Equality, 11-2 bit.ly/6h2u3K (via @AlterNet) #goodnews #

10:20 Briefs Filed in 3 States to Enforce Supreme Court’s Olmstead Decision - bit.ly/4tuz6o #ada #disability (via @TheJusticeDept) #

10:22 LexPublica: Open Sourcing the Legal Process - bit.ly/5RWhOq creating a global legal commons #law #commons (via @glynmoody) #

11:32 WANT: bit.ly/5eiOy0 #

16:52 Don't let Hollywood execs decide what you can or can't record - file a comment w/FCC re: Selectable Output Control (SOC):is.gd/5asAn #

16:54 # of killed or captured suspects reported so far by US media to be Al Qaeda ’s “# 3” man: 4 harpers.org/x/2005/8/4 (via @harpers) #

17:06 Ratio of Americans killed by lightning since Jan '02 to those killed by terrorism: 3:2 harpers.org/x/2004/11/13 (via @harpers) #

20:41 Recession means that most folks are cutting back on food, meds, & heating. The rich: Jets & jewels. bit.ly/1ZhoJ (via @MotherJones) #

20:46 Yet Another Nobel Prize Winner Says That Intellectual Property Is Harming Science dlvr.it/228 (via @techdirt) #

20:51 Pregnant high school athlete faces discrimination #feminism bit.ly/6NPhkz (via @feminismtoday) #

20:58 Salvation Army and other charities require proof of immigration status before needy kids get toys bit.ly/87rpkh (via @BoingBoing) #

21:03 #NYSenate votes down marriage equality bill 24-38. Fight for equality continues. #NYMarriageDebate (via @CourageCampaign) :( #

21:15 Love the Glove: Ten Great Reasons to Use Condoms You Might Not Have Heard Yet #feminism bit.ly/53Qvl9 (via @feminismtoday) #

21:17 Christians - are you a champion for Christ, or a bully for Jesus? bit.ly/64K05S (via @lysana) #

21:22 3 or f4 people have said that feedback from Congresspeople is that the support for Stupak rolls in daily. #stopstupak (via @racialicious) #

21:24 Support pro-choice - send handwritten stories to media outlets about problem pregnancies; not form letters #stopstupak (via @racialicious) #

21:43 Montana "Egg-as-Person" Advocate Investigated 4 Using Medicaid $$$ for "Prayer w/ Patients" bit.ly/6R3sBx (via @rhrealitycheck) #

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