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07:16 A cold blooded goat? bit.ly/4AT3Rx Interesting- and they have only been extinct for 3,000 years. (via @Danjite) #

07:49 The strange death of illegal downloading - bit.ly/1jTHse through competition, not legislation #music (via @glynmoody) #

07:59 AFACT v iiNet: Tiny Bits of BitTorrent Transfers Aren’t Illegal bit.ly/3dPUYR (via @torrentfreak) #

09:03 delicious: ADDitude - Living Well With ADD: bit.ly/1EOdbO #

09:52 Leaked secret UK plan to create "Pirate Finder General" with power to form militias, write laws tinyurl.com/yfbh9l2 (via @doctorow) #

10:05 delicious: Shovelglove: The Sledgehammer Workout: bit.ly/12PCqo #

10:14 Death in Tehran now online. See how Neda's death became a symbol for the reform movement in Tehran. tr.im/Ficv (via @PBS) #

10:21 Crohn's blamed on lazy immune cells bit.ly/3cpXQ4 (via @newscientist) #

11:33 Why The Lack of ACTA Transparency Is Not Standard - bit.ly/1e77Ue they're lying, pure and simple #acta #transparency (via @glynmoody) #

11:46 Spain following Finland in codifying a legal right to broadband internet: is.gd/4YTJw #goodnews #

11:52 Who on earth would oppose access to info for people with reading disabilities (including blindness)? is.gd/4YTZk (via @jamie_love) #

12:41 % of Americans who believe that the gov't is concealing evidence of alien visitations: 49 harpers.org/x/1996/12/37 (via @harpers) #

12:54 Army Corps liable for Katrina damage, US court finds: digg.com/d11AVGg (via @CSMnational) #

13:18 RT: @rainbownews: Caster Semenya Can Keep Gold Medal: bit.ly/kbHyf // Hallelujah. (via @lysana) #goodnews #

13:26 On this day, in 1964, the Pop-Tart was invented. (via @MKEBND) Happy Birthday, Pop-Tarts! #

15:41 I'm looking for a good coffeecake recipe. Not the yeasted kind, the kind with crumbly goodness on top and a swirl throughout. Help? #

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