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a fair and balanced birdthing

14:28 Joined @Barbara_Boxer to Stop the Stupak Amendment and fight for women's health at bit.ly/fight4women #

15:00 Dear @Reebok: Congrats, your new ad has ensured that I will never buy your shoes again: is.gd/4YdAx #misogynist #advertising #fail #

15:09 Library workers fired for colluding to keep graphic novel out of circulation: bit.ly/1RpRRC (via @BoingBoing) #

15:13 SF Weekly on San Francisco police seizures of DJ's laptops: eff.org/r.2cH (via @EFF) #

15:18 The Uninsured Are Twice as Likely to Die in the ER From a Traumatic Injury Than the Insured bit.ly/1HsHhi (via @AlterNet) #

15:21 Pfizer abandons property it won in Supreme Court housing battle bit.ly/41UFTJ (via @BoingBoing) #

15:27 Sony Pictures Having Its Best Box Office Year Ever... Still Blaming Piracy For Killing The Business eff.org/r.c8J (via @EFF) #

15:33 There Are More Than 1 Million Hungry Kids in the US --please donate/volunteer/advocate: bit.ly/1zi6Z0 (via @AlterNet) #

15:42 Artists Earn More in a P2P World: More $ earned by artists from concerts & recorded music sales: bit.ly/aBHS4 (via @tpb) #

15:47 TSA revises procedures after ACLU filing - searches may only be passenger-safety related: is.gd/4Y2Sl (via @privacyint) #goodnews #

15:57 Ethiopian Gov't Makes Commitment to Safe Abortion, Putting US to Shame: bit.ly/3QddaL #prochoice (via @rhrealitycheck) #

16:22 Swim club involved in racial controversy files for bankruptcy. bit.ly/2rUfOL (via @PhillyInquirer) #

16:27 U.S. Chamber of Commerce (@ChamberPost) defends defending rapists. Get the facts here: bit.ly/2BsWvt (via @MoveOn) #

16:31 CIA secret #torture prison found at fancy horseback riding academy in Lithuania - ABC bit.ly/3eQO9T #humanrights (via @JonHutson) #

16:34 Police officer tasers 10-year-girl - mom called the cops bc kid wouldn't take a shower: bit.ly/1cN6f3 (via @BoingBoing) #WTF #

16:54 It's a chilly, gloomy kind of day, and the cats are extra clingy. #

17:17 Maricopa deputy steals defender's paperwork during a court case bit.ly/CGuxV (via @BoingBoing) #WTF #

17:21 TX's gay marriage ban may have actually banned ALL marriages bit.ly/YShct (via @MotherJones) #goodnews #hilarity #

17:23 I have the distinct feeling that my computer's power supply should not be making sounds like a static-y radio. And yet, there it is... #

17:50 Editorial on ACTA, the secret copyright treaty, by EFF's Eddan Katz eff.org/r.2cK (via @EFF) #

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