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14:38 How to kill service to a federal wiretap when making a call. #technology bit.ly/1SkLeJ (via @techdelight) #

14:48 MT: @Wordweaverlynn: If DC allows gay marriage, Catholic Church will leave. Blessed are the vindictive. ow.ly/BHzW (via @lysana) #

15:07 Got kids? - Here's a site that tells you by zipcode where kids eat free and/or have kids deals: www.kidseatfor.com/ (via @sylphon) #

15:21 MPAA staffer joins Obama crew, DOJ more loaded w/entertainment extortion lawyers than ever: bit.ly/3m6Mbt (via @tpb) #

15:25 Obama, Democrats Face Liberal Fundraising Boycott bit.ly/zyNAV (via @AlterNet) // Largest doantions are corporate, does this matter? #

15:30 Everything you want to know about the ACTA (secret corporate copyright treaty) bit.ly/1fhcDo (via @BoingBoing) #

15:39 Ways in which egg-as-person laws wld affect wmn's rights: bit.ly/1Z7CI3 #p2 #prochoice #sexedsaves #fem2 (via @rhrealitycheck) #

15:43 Catholic College Sued 4 Removing Birth Control frm Ins. Coverage: bit.ly/1Wsw8I #prochoice #p2 #fem2 #women (via @rhrealitycheck) #

15:51 Dress made with 24,000 LEDs bit.ly/eT1Fl (via @BoingBoing) #

15:59 No-touch holy water dispensers to combat swine flu bit.ly/1kqJtg (via @BoingBoing) #

22:02 Dear FCC, Please Don't Let Hollywood Break My TV eff.org/r.4cj #SOC #analoghole (via @EFF) WTF? #

22:13 Sweet. Feds ban overdraft fees. ow.ly/BLEj (via @sovietsonja) (via @MotherJones) #

22:18 Nice summary of Hollywood's efforts to squelch inexpensive DVD rentals on WaPo: eff.org/r.1ck #SOC #analoghole (via @EFF) #

22:24 RT @kaysteiger The RNC covers abortion in its insurance plan bit.ly/4deLCb (via @MotherJones) #

22:30 RT@jamie_love: Population of countries negotiating ACTA: 1,178,504,491 Members of public with access to text: 42 (via @Danjite) #

22:34 Almost half of bankruptcies are due to medical expenses. #hcr bit.ly/2JaDXZ (via @MotherJones) #

22:44 Government-developed honeybees are equipped to sniff out a deadly parasite. ow.ly/BI7c (via @Discovery_News) #

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