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Rasputina at Tin Angel (Philadelphia)

First off, a big ol' thank you to coypixie for reminding me that I enjoy Rasputina. And secondly, thanks to gregortroll's pal T for mentioning that they were playing tonight.

Tin Angel is a smallish "listening room" above the Serrano restaurant in Philly. It's kinda shaped like a hallway, with a stage at one end, a bar at the other, and assorted seating inbetween. It's a very pleasant little venue, and the staff made everyone sit, so everyone could see. It's got a bar, so it's an over 21 crowd (not that I dislike younger crowds, but this was a little more mellow than most young crowds I see).

Rasputina was wonderful. For those who haven't heard them, they play an odd blend of gothic industrial ambient music, with two cellos & a set of drums. The main vocalist is prone to vocal acrobatics of the sort that Bjork is known for, but I've never been a Bjork fan ::ducks the flying vegetables::, so I liked this much more.

Rasputina definitely has it's own style, and it's own unique tunes. I've never seen them live before, and never heard them do a cover version of any song before tonight. They covered a Zepplin song that is escaping me at the moment (I'm tired, I'll probably remember it tomorrow), and due to technical difficulties, an unexpectedly unplugged version of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here". Both were quite good; the latter was astounding, and their originals are undescribable. As one friend who joined me tonight said, "If I didn't *see* the cellos, I wouldn't believe it".

I don't know all of their dates by far, but I do know they'll be playing Friday night the 7th at CreepCon in Baltimore. With any luck, I'll be making it there to see them, Darling Violetta(another cello-heavy band) & Velvet Chain (if you're wondering what these bands have in common, and why they'll be at CreepCon, 'tis because they're all associated with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and/or Angel).

Off to bed now; here's hoping this still looks coherent when I wake up!
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