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The 2002 Simon's Rock Reunion BtVS Singalong...

...was a rousing success. Or at least, I thought so. Perhaps it's unfair for me to review something I initiated, but hey...no one else is likely to do it. :)

I first suggested the sing-along/viewing as a reunion activity a month or so ago, and got an email from one of the reunion organizers that it was a go. I hadn't, however, heard anything since then. I was surprised and pleased to find that it was not only on the schedule, but the college had rented a videotape of Buffy the movie, and the dining hall provided lovely snacks for us! Around a dozen people showed up for it!

gregortroll created a beautifully formatted/typeset lyrics sheet and made several copies for us. Since Rockers are notorious for not being on time (especially during reunion), we started with the Buffy episode Fool for Love, followed by Angel's Darla, a wonderful crossover event aired when both shows were still on the WB. This not only gave time before the musical for stragglers to arrive, it allowed the few non-Buffy watchers to get an idea of the story and history behind it all.

After a bathroom/stretching break, we made sure everyone had lyrics sheets, and started the tape. I was a little disappointed to see that the A/V system in the lecture center caused the tape to look slightly out of focus, but the sound system almost made up for it. Even some of the newbies sang along, it was delightful.

Another break, during which plans & reservations for dinner were made. Then, just for completion's sake, we watched the movie. I saw the movie when it was in theaters, years and years ago, and hadn't seen it since. The TV show is clearly superior, but I enjoyed seeing it again, and shrieked when I heard the line "Her yabos scoff at gravity."

Not, mind you, because I think it's an especially funny line, but because I recently rewatched the Season 4 finale, Restless (a dream sequence episode) in which Giles tells Spike "A watcher scoffs at gravity". Possibly unrelated, but it gave me a momentary thrill nonetheless (or even more likely, it's some obscure running joke that all of the real fans already know about, and I'm just beginning to clue into).

All around, a success!
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