a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

14:26 delicious: Transcending Boundaries Conference bit.ly/7liC1 #

14:39 Whole Foods - The Organic Wal-Mart. Just another evil corporation: is.gd/2ygO7 #corporateevil #

14:49 Save reproductive-health coverage for women. Block anti-choice amendments! tinyurl.com/lhw2tw Plz RT (via @ADuralde) #

14:55 Remind Congress real lives are at stake in the health care debate. Submit pics to #WeCantAffordToWait bit.ly/17sXc9 (via @MoveOn) #

14:58 Mercury Retrograde alert: Sept 6-29 (via @wickedgoddess) #

15:29 Anti-gay group to use its $6 million budget to ban marriage in DC bit.ly/4Uhtp #lgbt (via @BilericoDC) (via @JoinTheImpact) #

15:37 Bee genome gives killer clue to colony collapse disorder bit.ly/WLGBD (via @newscientist) #

15:41 Private military and security companies wanted for hire by CIA as “hitmen”? ow.ly/lfOf (via @amnesty) #

15:50 Bacteria can be used to turn dirty salt water into electricity, clean drinking water ow.ly/lfiZ (via @Discovery_News) #

17:04 Looks Great, Less Nutritious?: Eating all your vegetables was a lot better for you in the '50s. bit.ly/1bL4fo (via @MotherJones) #

17:14 bit.ly/16v1gU Alton Brown's favorite kitchen hacks. (via @azurelunatic) #

17:20 Steam-powered car breaks 100yr speed record. Is this where Congress' hot air went 4 recess? bit.ly/b7fQW (via @newscientist) #

17:23 Spread the truth: Don't let opponents of reform play partisan politics with health care. bit.ly/1aeWiG #hc09 (via @BarackObama) #

17:43 really likes cornbread, and should make it more often. #

18:27 Recycle your sex toys: www.recyclemysextoy.com/ (via @LadyCrow) #

18:28 delicious: You Can Build This Cob House For $3000 | The Year of Mud: Building a cob house bit.ly/2PfxGI #

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