a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

From Twitter 08-03-2009

  • 10:32:11: http://bit.ly/1qn0q bribery? refund for exploding iPod conditional on silence (via @azurelunatic) #Apple #iPod #corruption
  • 10:34:14: It's SHARK WEEK! http://is.gd/20DSL
  • 14:24:04: can tell the cats are missing the Troll. She's getting WAAY more snuggles than usual - now *that's* a lot of snuggling!
  • 16:24:13: House-approved food safety bill and @HarvestMark food trace program will show us where food is from http://bit.ly/11znqf (via @GoodGuide)
  • 16:47:13: Twittinesis has made some changes, which makes it better. Hurray for not showing replies in daily thingy! Plus, able to sign up mult accts.
  • 17:48:35: just installed Pidgin for chatting, since Gtalk through Firefox has been so wonky of late. Looks good so far. Woohoo!
  • 17:49:35: Not that I chat all that often...in fact, it's fairly rare - but I like to have the option, and I hate being cut off in mid-conversation.
  • 18:30:51: wants a metal litter box. Perhaps a DIY project is in order.
  • 19:27:38: New Blog Post: Alas, poor Ianto...: The massive, fandom-wide kerfluffle about this continues to ro.. http://bit.ly/Nxsfq
  • 20:01:11: Support LGBT Equality, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! - http://twibbon.com/join/LGBT-Equality-5

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