a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

15:08 is feeling slow and disconnected today. And really wants some toffee. #

15:23 Curious how @zynga's Farmville on FB looks EXACTLY like Farmtown on FB. #

15:25 Video drama about CIA's real project to drug unwitting US citizens with LSD tinyurl.com/kt574l (via @BoingBoing) #

15:41 Why Are Two Top Torture Lawyers Working for Obama? @barackobama tinyurl.com/ll6shp (via @AlterNet) #

16:00 is debating the many ways she could have blueberries for lunch. Smoothie is close to winning out. #

16:02 Analysis: #Obama is repeating Bush's (il)legal tactics 4 war on terror tinyurl.com/lqty72 #humanrights (via @JonHutson) @barackobama #

16:07 Geekly wedding cake toppers: is.gd/1ilqJ #

16:25 Can music heal us? Ask neurologist Oliver Sacks (he's on NOVA's Musical Minds episode this week) tr.im/qa2f (via @pbsengage) #

16:28 Times London: Iran has arrested more than 2000 dissidentsbit.ly/RaL4S #iranelection (via @IranRiggedElect) #

16:31 ISPs Doubt Accuracy of Anti-Piracy Evidence bit.ly/UtBdp (via @torrentfreak) #

16:41 The internet is groaning under its own weight – now there's a plan to make it crash-proof bit.ly/WWtF5 (via @newscientist)--COOL! #

17:47 New Sensible Dollars Meatless Monday - Veggie DIY Pizza: I'm sorry for the delay in this pos.. tinyurl.com/kqy4u5 #

18:09 Today, in a tragic accident, my bright yellow tea kettle was killed. Does anyone have any thoughts on purchasing tea kettles to share? #

18:18 delicious: How to Download From Newsgroups tinyurl.com/nhn896 #

19:33 Can confirm persiankiwi is the real persiankiwi and is safe. RT RT RT Rt #IranElection #iran #gr88 (via @oxfordgirl) -Glad to hear this!!-! #

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