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13:03 Voting Irregularities in Swedish EU Election Negatively Impacted Pirate Party?: tinyurl.com/kvaod4 (via @tpb) #

13:06 WaxMP3: a player for Creative Commons music from Magnatune tinyurl.com/noovww (via @BoingBoing) #

13:09 HOWTO ask good skeptical questions tinyurl.com/lnwq4s (via @BoingBoing) #

13:16 The Axis of Pork: Part IV of a Mother Jones special report on the defense budget. tinyurl.com/m4v2fs (via @MotherJones) #

13:19 Insurance companies are evil, part 83905842 is.gd/1d1ar #healthcare (via @JonHutson) #

13:38 Ins Cos are evil - part 83905843 #health insurance industry used database that overcharged patients bit.ly/19HFh6 (via @JonHutson) #

13:41 Appeals Court: No Retrial for the Pirate Bay: tinyurl.com/lfesf9 (via @tpb) #

13:42 RT @alba17 What if the Obamas had to live under DADT?:tinyurl.com/nm89zm (via @racheline_m) @barackobama #civlibfail #

13:46 Stoned wallabies make crop circles tinyurl.com/lp2zv5 (via @BoingBoing) #

13:50 See how your frozen summer treats rate on @GoodGuide bit.ly/yaJUy =1&action=top (via @GoodGuide) #

13:52 Robotic furniture eats pests to generate power- Story:bit.ly/xSxyy Gallery: sn.im/kuq5t (via @newscientist) #

13:55 ACLU sues TSA for illegally detaining and searching man carrying $4,700 in cash tinyurl.com/kobghe (via @BoingBoing) #

13:56 Worm porn bit.ly/IQSoz (via @newscientist) #

14:02 RT @AnnePMitchell: Paypal Sneaks in New Fees for Paypal-to-Paypal Transactions is.gd/1diEI (Please share far and wide!) (via @J ... #

14:10 3 Easy Alternatives to Paypal: bit.ly/AeRHC (via @AnnePMitchell) #

14:14 Tipjoy is another Paypal alternative: tipjoy.com/ #

14:30 Put your name in public option TV ad! Sign and RT! WeWantThePublicOption.com #health #p2 via @BoldProgressive #

15:04 What piracy is...and isn't, made simple: is.gd/1dlHA #

15:06 RIP: Farrah is.gd/1dlLT #

15:07 delicious: GoodGuide | Ratings of Natural, Green and Healthy Products www.goodguide.com/ #

15:31 Dumb video, but one of my current favorite songs: bit.ly/GINxl #

15:33 Advice...for dealing w/ noisy neighbors: Get a 1000 watt amp & microphone, cock gun next to the mike when noisy. (via @richrecruiter) #

15:35 Sexism in advertising (humorous, but extremely accurate): bit.ly/B0v6Q #

16:12 has broken her fast. Yeah, she woke up late, too. #

16:25 is increasingly distressed by silence from her Iranian tweeters. #

16:59 has the beginnings of another headache. This weather is kicking my butt. #

17:38 Dear @zynga, pls fix Scramble on Facebook to get rid of the malware code. kthx. #

17:54 Kill skeeters in your yard - help Africa fight malaria at the same time! is.gd/1duez (via @fightmalarianow) #

18:06 delicious: Apps for Democracy - An Innovation Contest: See what can happen when the gov't makes i.. tinyurl.com/4jpyr9 #

18:35 LA Times has now confirmed that Michael Jackson has been pronounced dead bit.ly/1eL5i (via @laughingsquid) #

18:44 New post from Iran: A View from the Frontline: tehranbureau.com/frontline/ #

20:46 & her Troll are starting to watch Pushing Daisies. Marvelously whimsical! #

20:47 Supreme Court declares strip search of 13-year-old student unconstitutional tinyurl.com/nhrf4g (via @BoingBoing) Duh...ya think, ... #

21:07 Wall Street To Launch Propaganda Campaign That Makes You Like Bankers tinyurl.com/mw6kac (via @AlterNet) #

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