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07:10 There's nothing quite like waking up to the migraine alarm clock. *&&*^%!! weather. #

07:13 What stories do you know of why we need an inclusive #ENDA? Tell them in 140 char & tag em #ENDA (via @JoinTheImpact) #

07:18 Newsweek "deeply concerned" over arrest of its Tehran correspondent tinyurl.com/lcb7e5 #IranElection #journchat (via @JonHutson) #

07:20 RT @lagunadeb: Iran: Ballots Exceeded Voters by Millions - Wired News bit.ly/33TMo #iranelection (via @Stardragonca) #

07:21 Join FB group to protest detention of Newsweek reporter Maziar Bahari tinyurl.com/npppw4 #IranElection #journchat (via @JonHutson) #

07:22 am feeling oddly wakeful and chatty for having a migraine. Good thing it's aura-less (no light sensitivity, anyway). #

07:25 Hey Ohio! Opposition to Equal Housing & Employment Act is out-calling us 2-1!! bit.ly/8R5WI Call your reps! #EHEA (via @JoinTheIm ... #

08:38 Well. The pain is easing, but I'm becoming light sensitive. Stupid head. #

08:41 Bozeman, Montana changes its mind about job applicants' social networking passwords tinyurl.com/lmqg2f (via @BoingBoing) #

08:44 You get better results asking for stuff when you talk to the right ear tinyurl.com/kmlk6d (via @BoingBoing) #

08:47 The CDC has a great info base on malaria. Check it out here: www.cdc.gov/malaria/ (via @fightmalarianow) #

08:50 #Mythbusters + #EFF=WIN! Giant code wheel for sale, proceeds to EFF tinyurl.com/nw3r7a (via @BoingBoing) #

08:51 .@BoingBoing is especially full of the wonderful today. #

08:54 #earworm : bit.ly/3SfeXR #

09:11 Even the infringed artists think the judgement was insane: bit.ly/TVJMb #

10:55 [This is really cool...] Super close-up zoom into a tooth tinyurl.com/mn87fr (via @BoingBoing) #

10:57 RT from Iran: just in from Baharestan Sq - situation today is terrible - they beat the ppls like animals - #Iranelection RT RT RT #

10:59 RT from Iran: they were waiting for us - they have guns & riot uniforms - like a mouse trap - ppl being shot like animals #Iranelection #

11:03 We Want the Public Option, a novel approach to online petitions - put your name in the ad! is.gd/1bZJ1 (via @BoingBoing) #

11:26 RT from Iran: Lalezar Sq is same as Baharestan - unbelevable - ppls murdered everywhere - #Iranelection #

11:32 RT from Iran:reports of street fighting in Vanak Sq, Tajrish sq, Azadi Sq - now - #Iranelection - Sea of Green - Allah Akbar #

11:33 RT from Iran: in Baharestan we saw militia with axe choping ppl like meat - blood everywhere - like butcher - Allah Akbar - #Iranelection RT #

11:36 RT from Iran: Lalezar Sq is same as Baharestan - unbelevable - ppls murdered everywhere - #Iranelection #

11:37 RT from Iran: they pull away the dead into trucks - like factory - no human can do this - we beg Allah for save us - #Iranelection #

11:43 RT from Iran: we must go - dont know when we can get internet - they take 1 of us, they will torture & get names - now we must move fast #

11:50 is feeling ill over the info coming out of Iran today. From all accounts, it's a massacre. #iranelection #

12:05 is learning Java. #

12:11 now wants some Java. #

12:55 Ugh. 2 minutes outside to check my garden, and 15 mosquito bites. I hate those things. #

13:18 RT Eyewitness account of BLOODY MASSACRE TODAY at Baharestan Square (Transcript+Vid) tinyurl.com/mwy6zn #IranElection #gr88 #

13:39 The Iranian police are chopping up their own citizens with axes, beating with batons & shooting them. Chopping them with axes! Bad, bad day. #

14:02 Where are your discarded electronics going? Where can you find US Mil. secrets? Dumping grounds of Ghana, that's where: is.gd/1caTK #

15:14 Want to support Iran worldwide w/protests & demonstrations, check here: is.gd/1cflV is.gd/1cfnq @0phelia #

15:27 Nobody Expects the Spanish Prosecution: Will Spain sue for human rts violations at Guantanamo? tinyurl.com/mal2uh (via @MotherJones) #

16:10 hopes that her Iranian tweeters are somewhere safe & sleeping - not absent for other reasons. #

17:33 #grdnupdate : In pictures! is.gd/1cnLR #

20:25 Put your name in public option TV ad! Sign and RT! WeWantThePublicOption.com #health #p2 via @BoldProgressive #

20:39 Burger King: Burgers, Blow Jobs -- What's the Difference? tinyurl.com/ltovuv (via @AlterNet) #

22:35 delicious: Not Always Right | Funny & Stupid Customer Quotes tinyurl.com/3978kk #

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