a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

09:28 New Sensible Dollars Book of the Week - Sharing the Harvest: This week, I'm exploring (mostl.. tinyurl.com/m9lho5 #

13:02 Xtian yoyos "bless" Sotomayor hearing room with crazy snake oil & prayer. is.gd/XtGP #

13:10 Uhuru's nail polish:is.gd/Xuwu #startrek #

13:29 New Blog Post: My letter to Congress RE Sotomayor room "blessing": What the hell??I just read that.. bit.ly/DbMHx #

13:48 has a stuffy nose. #

16:26 New Blog Post: Star Trek: We went to see this on Sunday, thanks to ticket vouchers from my friends.. bit.ly/xoLiU #

16:48 is one neighbor short of the "influential neighbor" trophy in farmtown! #

20:33 Obama Mum on Closing of Tiller's Clinic: tinyurl.com/l2gbnp (via @MotherJones) @barackobama #

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