a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

12:38 In other news, buy.com has the Fartmaster Talking Pen on sale for $4.99, save $10. bit.ly/vE4Fs (via @richrecruiter) #

12:40 European Greens Want to Legalize File-Sharing | TorrentFreak tinyurl.com/qurocl (via @torrentfreak) #

12:45 RT @billt Sign statement in support of Simon Singh who's being sued for libel by British Chiro. Ass. bit.ly/11XZRQ (via @doctorow) #

13:36 Ryanair serious about charging to use toilets in-flight tinyurl.com/ool5v3 (via @BoingBoing) #

14:19 delicious: NPR: Is This Your Brain On God? tinyurl.com/ocm4vr #

15:18 delicious: The God Chemical: Brain Chemistry And Mysticism : NPR tinyurl.com/osvey6 #

15:22 Gotcha! Sears caught cheating and spying on customers! bit.ly/FQ1Ct (via @walletpopper) #

15:47 4 teens charged w/repeatedly raping teammate in FL (via @Stardragonca) #rape #crime #FL #

18:00 went grocery shopping while hungry, but had enough control to buy (mostly) only list items (just more of them)..now has headache. #

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