a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

12:19 Welcome to the World of Body Shaving! is.gd/JY2W #

13:20 delicious: Mosquito Zapper tinyurl.com/nopwcx #

13:25 Snipped off some honeysuckle from our back fence, trying to root in water for the Troll's parents' house. Mosquitos out in force today. #

16:21 Taking a break from yardwork. Tiny yard, but 20+ years of neglect mean lots to do. Plus building sq ft garden & homemade tomato tree. #

17:02 Jeebee seems to be having an "Eat the philodendron" obsession today.Yes, I know it's supposed to be poisonous to cats. He's fine. Just dumb. #

21:29 Today's gardening wound tally: me- swollen finger - was smited by a holly leaf. Irritation on face - seemingly got better after washing. #

21:44 Also, many mosquito bites. The Troll appears to have escaped unscathed today, just really tired. #

22:01 is kind of obsessed with Farm Town on FB. Easier, and faster gratification than the real garden! #

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