a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

13:44 is recovering slowly from the weekend trifecta of yardwork, insomnia and adrenaline. #

14:12 RT @nprnews: California Supreme Court upholds gay marriage ban but allows existing same-sex marriages to stand. / @acarvin #

14:14 RT @JayRodriguez: Right now Iowans are looking Californians and saying, "Fucking rednecks." #prop8 #

14:21 RT @graceface: I think we all need this today: bit.ly/bG5wT #prop8 #

15:06 RT @JoinTheImpact: Don't just tweet - DO SOMETHING! GO 2 a #dayofdecision event & stay involved! It's going to take WORK 2 win. #repealprop8 #

15:19 RT @rosechimera: #rejectprop8 Phew! My marriage was almost a piece of shit until it was validated by disenfranchising a minority. #

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