a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

08:49 delicious: Why Migraines Strike: Scientific American tinyurl.com/pn2ayr #

09:19 is snipping away at my dreamwidth.org profile page, in an effort at an updated document with minimal effort. #

09:24 President Obama needs you to tell Congress why health care reform can't wait: bit.ly/5Ahqi #obamahealthcare (via @BarackObama) #

10:22 New Blog Post: Why Migraines Strike: Scientific American: This is one of the most interesting and .. bit.ly/ctO2A #

11:56 must go sleep now. God, it's summer, isn't it? There go my sleep patterns... #

12:02 A cheer-inducing video in which no kittens were harmed at all: bit.ly/FwfNF (via @cmpriest) #

16:08 Nope, no sleep for me. ::sigh:: #

16:19 I need to find a really good source for gluten-free, dark-chocolate-covered english toffee....actually, maybe I don't. :) #

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