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13:12 Are You A Victim Of Mr. Bubble? jezebel.com/5261280 Childhood bubble baths = chronic post-sex UTIs as an adult? (via @smashanna) #

13:27 Carcinogens in kids bath products: is.gd/nePh #

14:48 New Sensible Dollars Book of the Week - $3 Meals: One of the best ways to save money is by k.. tinyurl.com/oy9cbv #

15:25 NC's Blue Cross Blue Shield Trying to Kill Key Plank of Obama Plan: is.gd/B8M1 #healthcare #corporatecrap (via @richpalmer) #

16:16 18-year medaled combat vet to be discharged from #military under #DADT for being #gay is.gd/BLLz #

16:19 delicious: Report urges N.J. prison reforms to derail gangs tinyurl.com/pl95k8 #

16:26 Google develops tool to read the future (at least of its employees): tinyurl.com/ozleud (via @tpb) #

16:37 #library #censorship : Don't review #books before removing them, just burn them! And fire anyone who says otherwise: is.gd/BM12 #

16:46 Beef jerky underwear tinyurl.com/qv2wdg (via @NerdApproved) #

18:15 is now a Powell's Partner, instead of an amazon ass. - Check out some of my favorites here: is.gd/BN8h #amazonfail #amazonexodus #

18:26 Want to know when the Prop 8 decidion is coming down? Text "decision" to 27336 for mobile text alerts! (via @JoinTheImpact) #

18:39 Supreme Court Upholds the Pension Gender Gap: tinyurl.com/rbu7wt (via @MotherJones) #

18:59 Poison #RFID chip #patent rejected in #Germany: tinyurl.com/ph5cdx (via @tpb) #

19:11 I have six dreamwidth.org invite codes to give to my friends. Who wants one? #

21:48 Anyone I know wear Crocs? Terribly ugly, but I hear they're comfy. Plastic shoes, comfy? Really? And pricy, too, for plastic shoes... #

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