a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

12:17 has a shiny new Dreamwidth account: raaven.dreamwidth.org . Yay! Come find me there! #

12:37 Joss Whedon's best show? You vote! is.gd/wG0i #

13:08 EU bans seal products:is.gd/wXQW #

13:19 Preservation call to arms! Tesla's Long Island Laboratory: is.gd/wVqY #tesla #preservation (via @thevespiary) #

13:24 Breaking: DC Council votes 12-1 in favor of Gay Marriage! tinyurl.com/djosj8 (via @JoinTheImpact) #

15:55 #Microfiction #contest: tinyurl.com/cueqja Can you #write #flash #fiction for #Fantasy Magazine? (via @fantasymagazine) #

15:58 RIP: Dom DeLuise. #

16:00 Less than a week left until EFF's Bootcamp on User Generated Content and the Law. Sign up: www.eff.org/bootcamp (via @EFF) #

16:04 Miley Cyrus upsets 1,000,000 mums: One millions mums are angry at teenie bil.. tinyurl.com/d73bdw (via @tpb) #

16:08 Monthly testosterone shot for men as birth control on it's way! is.gd/wRhj #

16:50 ARGHHHHHH! :SCOTUS - No fat chicks: tinyurl.com/cj79t3 (via @cmpriest) #

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