a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

23:16 New Sensible Dollars Introducing Meatless Mondays: The whole point of this blog is to help p.. tinyurl.com/c75wra #

10:17 New Sensible Dollars Meatless Monday - Red Lentil and Rice Pilaf: I thought I'd go with some.. tinyurl.com/crbrks #

15:14 Whole Foods GF pizza crusts=YUM! Best if heated through & then cooled before applying topping & baking. Tasty as bread. Downright addictive! #

15:18 delicious: Viva la Feminista: Feminist Amazon.com Stores tinyurl.com/dxb62t #

16:12 has "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" stuck in her head. Drat you, BrainAge2! #

16:16 delicious: Viva la Feminista: Feminist Amazon.com Stores tinyurl.com/dxb62t #

16:21 Hairy (cat) has been running around like a mad thing (which she really kind of is), and is now clawing crazily at the window glass. #

16:46 Moving our household wishlists from amazon to kaboodle is grueling, but liberating work. Getting rid of dross in the process. #amazonfail #

18:00 Moving music wishlist to swapacd.com: is.gd/txWJ and dvds to swapadvd.com: is.gd/txXz #amazonfail #amazonexodus #

19:00 All wishlist items replicated elsewhere/deleted from amzn. My new amzn profile: is.gd/tyqo . #amazonfail #amazonexodus #

20:10 is gonna go take a bath & watch some Xena dvds (which I thankfully did not get at amazon). #amazonfail #

20:13 delicious: The Pirate Bay Speaks Out: “The Site Will Live On!” tinyurl.com/c47nkr #

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