a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

18:01 has been enjoying the beautiful weather, and is now completely bereft of spoons. #

18:07 Wow, #amazonfail keeps getting worse.Latest thing,making expurgated versions of (not very racy) book covers for the site! (via @racheline_m) #

18:18 #amazonfail expurgated covers: is.gd/tcoH #

18:19 #amazonfail real covers: is.gd/tcoT #

18:41 delicious: Swedes Demonstrate Against Pirate Bay Verdict | TorrentFreak tinyurl.com/c23zgq #

19:02 planted some caladium bulbs today and wants them to come up RIGHT NOW. #

19:09 is afk while she butchers a watermelon. #

20:51 is watching Black Blizzard on the History Channel. The dust bowl was a horrible, horrible thing. "Dust pneumonia"=lungs filled w/dirt. #

21:41 delicious: ISP Speeds Up Customers’ BitTorrent Downloads | TorrentFreak tinyurl.com/c8wo4t #

22:44 delicious: Rains: Shortage to affect food security tinyurl.com/ddv677 #

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