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23:14 RT @queerunity Is Amazon Censoring LGBTQ Books?: tinyurl.com/d59h8h #amazonfail #samesexsunday PLZ RT (@JoinTheImpact said) #

23:15 delicious: AmazonRank: Amazon seems to be stripping the sales figures and accompanying rankings from G.. tinyurl.com/chq58y #

23:21 RT Google bomb #AmazonFail tinyurl.com/chq58y (via @gendercrash) FTW!! (@JoinTheImpact said) #

23:45 delicious: In protest at Amazon's new "adult" policy - The Petition Site tinyurl.com/d5dbo3 #

01:30 is completely fascinated by the Amazon debacle, and can't wait to see the eventual result. Srsly. #

03:14 is chatting with her honey, who lost his car key and is stuck in Philly for the night. Any Philly folks up and willin to host at this hour? #

03:22 He found it!! #

03:24 FBlink: Amazon FAIL (or: Twilight Made Me Gay): Amazon FAIL (or: Twilight Made Me Gay)Source: www.youtube.. tinyurl.com/c84rlt #

21:45 has been down with a migraine for most of the day. That'll teach 'er to screw around with her sleeping habits! #

22:15 delicious: EFF: Obama admin continuing coverup of warrentless wiretapping: Please lend your support to.. tinyurl.com/dhg44f #

22:22 RT @truemors: Sorry Amazon, Your 'Ham-Fisted' Error Does Not An Apology Make ow.ly/2MUf #sorryamazon #amazonfail #glitchmyass #

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