a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

12:43 loves thunderstorms! #

12:46 Iowa becomes first state in tje midwest to LEGALIZE SAME SEX MARRIAGE!!!! tinyurl.com/dld5ev (@JoinTheImpact said) Woohoo!! #

13:12 delicious: Police rob Philly bodega after disabling survelliance cameras tinyurl.com/cb4x9t #

13:44 delicious: 4 die, up to 40 held hostage in Binghamton shootings - CNN.com tinyurl.com/cs2tga #

14:09 Please help me raise money to feed people by donating to The Walk Against Hunger: www.active.com/donate/hungerwalk2009/ROQ #

14:15 delicious: VoIP Companies Want Mobile Neutrality in the EU tinyurl.com/dd2bce #

15:42 is very scatterbrained and unfocused today. #

15:43 Follower number 6,095 wins a stack of CDs from Paste's private CD library!! (@PasteMagazine said) #

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