a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

today i am apparently suffering from both brain damage and a time warp. i'm doing simple things 5 times over to get them right, and though i've only been here at work for 3 hours, it seems like days.

of course, much of this is undoubtedly pre-migraine. it started yesterday....my vision level was down, and i spent a lot of the day squinting & being irritated by the lights. today i started off irritable in general...and squinty, and having troubles focusing (mentally, as well as physically). what i most want to do right now is curl up at home in my bed & sleep.

on the plus side, my hair looks especially nice today. i recently dyed it a sort of medium-dark brown (a big change for me), and the shock is starting to wear off a bit (both the chemical shock to the hair and the perception-shock to me when i look at it).

i will make it through today (only 6 hours, 50 minutes to go)...and then starts my weekend! yay! of course, i have much to do this weekend, but that, i will deal with when i get there.
Tags: health/medical, life update, migraine log, work
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