a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing


It's a rainy, chilly morning. The Troll got ready for work and took off, and there's me, snuggled in bed with the cats, waiting to fall back asleep for a few hours.


I get up and look out the window (in another room) where the ladder is. There is a squirrel on the bathroom roof, trying to figure out how to get in.

me: "Git!" ::slaps window::

squirrel: ::ignores me completely:: Srsly, the little bastard didn't even look up.

me: ::pulls cat tree away from window, opens window, slaps side of house:: "Oy! You! Git outta there!"

squirrel: "Crap! Crazy monkey!" ::jumps onto the ladder and runs down a few rungs::

squirrel: ::stops and looks at me, clearly hoping I'll go away now::

me: ::grabs ladder & shakes it menacingly:: "Keep going, you!"

squirrel: ::gives me a dirty look and runs the rest of the way down:: ::stops at the fence::

me: "GIT!" ::rattles ladder again::

squirrel: ::takes off over the fence and into the neighbors' yard::

me: ::is feeling both smug and entertained, and is going back to bed now::

*In retrospect, I realize this was probably one of the cats, jumping down from the windowsill, but I decide to go check the extension ladder that is leaning up against the house, left there from this weekend's eave patching project**. It's tied to the house, but that doesn't mean some idiot might not decide to jump our fence and try to fuck with it.

**The eaves we patched, incidentally, for the specific purpose of keeping squirrels out.
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