a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Tweets for Today

11:43 Today is bill-paying day. Also, I may go to the farmer's market later. And I dug out some of my winter long-sleevers. Accomplished, already! #

11:57 Gotta go find some fuzzy socks to put on. It's chilly in here! I refuse to turn the heater on yet. We only shut off the A/C B4 Austin trip! #

12:24 Also today I must find/unpack the vitamins. #

12:25 When Poo purrs, it sounds like something is grinding away, deep in his abdomen. A very rough, uneven sound. It's strange, but endearing. #

13:53 Digging Pacific soup-inna-box. Tried the tomato last night. Much like campbell's, but organic, & corn-syrup & GLUTEN FREE! is.gd/4IS8 #

15:48 Okay, so I'm not willing to turn on the furnace, but I *did* break out the space heater. Heh. #

16:01 For those of you who think that it's *safe* to be queer, or that hatred is only a problem for queers in tiny towns: is.gd/4JmP #

18:01 Dood! A SQUID what looks like a PIGLET. is.gd/4JP2 How coolizat? #

18:08 Okay, this might be my favorite new site: scienceblogs.com/zooillogix/ #

18:51 I'm finally cluing in to the fun of PackRat on Facebook. :) #

20:37 christiannymphos.org/ #

22:52 Rethuglican nutjobs comin' out of the woodwork, man: Black Magic Fears - is.gd/4KML, McCain volunteer attack hoax - is.gd/4IOV #

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