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Tweets for Today

12:09 Terrible migraine started Monday afternoon. Turned into a barfer yesterday; finally eased up around 8pm. SO glad this happened at home! #

12:09 Home, as opposed to on the road, traveling, I mean. #

12:11 Gluten-free Pumpkin Doughnut recipe!!! Looks fabulous! is.gd/4yPV Now must go buy doughnut maker & try it out! #

12:20 Joined The Point a few months ago, haven't been terribly active. It's a website for people to gather around particular actions or campaigns. #

12:21 They figure if they supply a place for an action to reach a "tipping point" things might actually get done. I'm eager to see if it works. #

12:23 As with most stuff, the more people the better. If you're interested, go here: www.thepoint.com/ Interesting stuff. #

12:24 I just joined the campaign to Overturn the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act: is.gd/4yTV Looking at some other interesting stuff. #

12:25 "Interesting stuff" seems to be my phrase of the day. Migraines steal word skills, honest! #

13:11 Currently reading:The Privilege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner.Finally!Wanted to read this for so long, found a copy at a Goodwill in Austin. #

14:04 The weather has definitely shifted, which not only means that the cats are hairy little barnacles now, but that... #

14:04 ...outside critters are trying to come inside now. Most notably squirrels, in the attic and above the bathroom ceiling. Weekend patching! #

14:12 Obama pumpkin-carving stencils! yeswecarve.com/category/stencils/ #

14:24 ReTHUGlicans trying to steal the vote again...what a shocker. Bastards. is.gd/4mIz #

14:56 Oh, Austrailia...say it isn't so! Censorship is evil! nocleanfeed.com/ #

17:05 It's the kind of chilly evening that I think calls for some homemade mac & cheese. Yum! #

17:11 I need to find one of our cuecats, so I can add the vacation thrift store book haul to my librarything. is.gd/4A3w #

17:11 Yes, I go to thrift stores on my vacation. #

19:07 Timesucker! tinyurl.com/56t9u #

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