a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Weekend stuff to do

-I hafta go to the wedding thing this weekend. Which means that tomorrow I hafta find my invitation. And buy stockings. And figure out shoes to wear. And, since the dress has no pockets, find something to use as a purse (I certainly don't own one)...perhaps my zill case? ::sigh::
-I'm meeting up with my pal Dale tomorrow, to see the network team in action. Perhaps that will motivate my studying. :)
-I need to put together some text content for Vino Femme Musica, so that Steanne can incorporate it into her design.
-I need to get some other writing done, for submission to various places. And some ideas for writing submitted to electronica, before I forget them.
-Wanna plant tomatoes (which means digging through storage boxes to find seed packets). And maybe thyme (which means a trip to the nursery).
-K-mart trip for cat litter, and potting soil. And maybe pots.
-scan in some more pictures.
-clean my freaking sty of a room (this includes vacuuming the profusion of feathers from the floor - result of a feather bed & comforter, not a voodoo sacrifice, thankyouverymuch) and hopefully find my taxes.
-do taxes if found.
-REMEMBER TO CALL MY MOM FOR MOTHERS DAY! (I'm really bad about that kinda thing)

Busy busy. Yeesh.
Tags: family, friends, gardening, tasks, weekend, writing
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