a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Me today

I'm mostly tinkering today, with Semagic and InsaneJournal, as one might guess. I started uploading icons to InsaneJournal (in bulk, which is wonderful since I have 300 userpic there, and one-by-one would be a snooze-fest. Soon, I hope to have all icons loaded and labeled, so that my posts will look the same universally across LJ, IJ, GJ, CJ and DJ. The idea of having my journal cloned in all of those places cracks me up on some level, but since it will (once I have it set up) be no extra effort for me, I think it's wonderful. The Troll has promised to try to help me automate the downloading of my LJ, since doing it all month-by-month for 6 years worth of stuff seems, again, yawn-worthy. If all works out as I hope, then sometime over this winter I will have replicated my journal in its entirety throughout my realm (mwahahahah!).

Of course, all of this assumes that my laptop isn't imminently dying, which I sort of suspect. It seems to be a time for mechanical failure around here. My computer, our car (which hasn't failed, but is seriously hobbling along on its last legs), and the electricity. Since the electricity is 3/4 working (which means it's livable, if not convenient), and the car considerably less than that, we are likely to buy a car (used) before we are likely to get the rewiring done.

I think I'm also going to cook some beans in the pressure cooker (a first for me), which should be fun and interesting. Many, many years ago when I worked at a Taco Bell, I remember the beans cooking in a pressure cooker, and then using a drill with what was probably a paint-stirrer attachment to make them smooth and creamy. I'm hoping I can achieve something similar.

Also doing dishes (in stages, since there is a buildup) and watching the occasional flurry of snow outside. Watching the cats loll about, searching incessantly for the warmest spots. We keep the heat pretty low around here, both for energy and financial conservation (and because I prefer low temperatures to high), so they get quite the workout. Which undoubtedly helps to keep them warm. Heh.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this here before or not (and I suspect not), but after a long, drawn out hassle just short of going to court, our crazy ex-landlord finally gave in and gave us our full security deposit back. Take that, crazy ex-landlord!

Small victories are sometimes the best. :)
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