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Donation request

Food Banks running short this year. Many are rationing, some have even had to close.

I wish I were one of those people who could offer to match donations, because I absolutely would for this. If you have any spare $$ this season, please consider donating it to your local food bank, or to one of the state, regional or national kinds.

If you're churchy, many churches hold food drives this time of year. Help make yours one of the biggest!

If you're political, you can urge the passage of food-relief bills in congress.

It's easy to donate, and for most of us doesn't require a great sacrifice. See? You can:

-Snag an extra case of your favorite canned good from your local big box store and drop it at a can drive
-Donate at the register of many supermarkets
-Forego one dinner out this month, and donate the money you save to your favorite food cause
-Swear off Starbucks for the month (or even just downsize), and " " " "
-Hit a discount store like Aldi and buy canned stuff to donate
-Hit a grocery store supersale (10 for $10 is one I've been seeing) and donate.

America's Second Harvest is a national group that fills in gaps for local groups. You can donate directly to them, or you can find a local group to help out directly.

Most of us take having food for granted, but a lot of families and individuals can't - especially this year. Help 'em out if you can. Everyone should be able to eat.

ETA: Also, please spread the word on this issue. The more people donate, the more people get to feed their families.
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