a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Supporting the Writers Strike

I keep meaning to post about this stuff, but life distracts me too much, sometimes. :)

First: United Hollywood is a great site to keep up on what is happening with the strike. They've got lots of great links, too - including a central YouTube link where the strike is being video-blogged.

Second: Send a message to the greedy bastard network execs this way:


It's a movement to send boxes of pencils to the biggest sharks of the media world, to let them know that we support the writers, not the greedy bastards. The boxes are $1 each, you can send them on behalf of your favorite show or shows (or even writers, I would imagine), they're ecologically responsible and they come to the execs with recommendations of where to donate them where they'll be used. All good. Give it a try!
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