a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

MIA Update

So, yes, I've been offline again for a while. I had a bunch of migraines, and then a nasty cold (which I'm always a baby about), and then a bad reaction* to a pneumonia innoculation. So online hasn't been my friend.

Things that happened during the offtime:

- October 31. It means the Troll and I have been together 8 years! Still lovin' it. :) Plus Halloween is fun, and I've always felt a certain sacredness about the day for other reasons.

- Stupid electrical circuit! It appears to be permanently whacked. Life has been dim and inconvenient. We've got someone coming out Sunday to look at it and give us some estimates (how much to replace the entire house-worth's wiring, how much to just get us limping along for now). Hate it.

- Lots of TV. I've been fairly absorbed in watching Buffy. In bed. On the portable player we got last year. Love it.

- More pressure cooking! Again, love it!

- I'm considering going back to school - but not college per se. I think I'd like to look into learning auto repair. This may, however, be fever-induced. We'll see.

- In a moment of far-less-than-brilliance, I decided to remove the wallpaper from one of the walls in the bathroom. I must have been feverish, or something. My arm was still all swollen, and I only had a tiny little paint-scraper to work with. I went to bed that night with my arm on FIRE, I swear. Ibuprofen did nearly nothing for it. Fortunately, I'm better now. And hopefully more sane.

- LJ management has apparently lost even more of their collective minds. Read More. I'm very glad to note that though I haven't copied my entire LJ journal yet, I *am* now replicating my entries in Greatest Journal, Insane Journal and Dead Journal. Same username, if any of you decide to make the switch.

- I really, really want to move to Canada. On a day when I am feeling more capable, I'll post a bunch of recent news items that explain why. I just really hope it doesn't get too awful within the next five years, 'cause I don't think I can pull it off before then.

I think that's it for now.

* Not deathly so, just unpleasantly so. Fever, aching joints, the arm that had the shot got all swollen up and hard. Obviously, I lived through it.
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