a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

The Joys of Being a Home Owner (1)

It's been raining here all day. As I was sitting here this afternoon, doing internet stuff, one of our circuits blew. This isn't terribly uncommon - as with many old houses, whoever wired it in the first place put almost everything on one circuit, leaving the others to languish. For awhile I left it off. I was busy, my laptop has a battery, and the single lamp I had been using wasn't missed so terribly that it was an immediate need.

About an hour later I went down to the basement to reset the circuit. Did so. Came back upstairs, sat down, pulled laptop onto my lap, and then...


Out it went again. I sighed. I ignored it. I worked on my computer until the battery started beeping at me. Went back downstairs, pushed the button that resets the circuit.

It won't take. You know, you push the button, and it makes a sort of click that tells you that it's reset. Nothing doing.

This probably means a leak somewhere, and a circuit that is shorted as long as where ever it is is wet.

I pulled out the plethora of extension cords we have and ran one from a non-affected outlet to the kitchen, where I placed a powerbar for fridge and clip-on lamp. Ran another to the powerbar that powers my laptop and light. Fortunately, the outlet the tv, etc are plugged into are not affected, so I don't have to kill anyone miss any of my evening tv lineup.

The whole thing is really more a minor aggravation than anything, but I'm feeling especially aggravated about it at the moment.

That is all.
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