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a fair and balanced birdthing

The Wonderful World of Television (let me in!!)

We've had tv now for a couple of weeks. Two neat things: Comcast basic analog service is cheaper in Trenton than in Philly, and it has more channels! Philly service included only the broadcast channels & shopping, Trenton gives us a sort of basic+ service, which includes History, A&E, TBS, Discovery, SciFi, Animal Planet, HGtv, and many other I probably haven't noticed yet. Tons of stuff, and we're paying less for it than we were. Amazing.

We only recently found the TiVO in the packing mess, and while we can currently use it for it's pause/rewind capabilities, it has yet to successfully download an update (we've only had it hooked up to the phone line for a few days, having just had the phone line installed), which means that we cant' get schedules (the box doesn't even know what the proper channel affilliations are). I found some info on a TiVo forum last night that I'm hoping will get it back on track. I feel completely hobbled, watching tv as it appears (I'm watching Modern Marvels on Axes, Swords and knives atm), instead of watching what I want when I want. I'm not sure how non-pvr folks manage (or why they even bother). Non-time-shifted tv is a freaking mess!

And then there are commercials. Ugh. Mind you, I actually watch some commercials because they're interesting, even with my TiVo up and running - I'm not entirely anti-commercial. In fact, commercials are the way I learn about the bulk of the movies I go out to see (not that I go out to see a great number of them, but still...). But then there are the commercials that irk me. The current offender is a commercial for Animal Planet's Tiger Kill. The narrator describes the tiger as "stealth-like". Idiots. I also saw one (fortunately only once, and who knows on what channel) that touted the dangers that yoga presents to Christians. I found this both hilarious and annoying. I'm not used to being exposed to crap like that; the TiVo means that I don't usually channel-surf, and I only watch the commercials on programs that I'm already in the demographic for. It's an interesting wake up. Meanwhile, Animal Planet wants to eat my life. I'm a Meercat Manor addict (wow, that happened quickly!) and can't seem to turn off the various shows that deal with criminalizing animal abuse, as horrifying as they are.

I want my TiVo working again, dammit!

Anyone out there have any tips on how to choose an axe?
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