a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Internet Access! (I feel nearly human again)

So. At long last, we got internet access in the new house. We've got the bulk of our posessions moved in (some storage unit stuff wouldn't fit in the moving truck, and we haven't made it back there for it yet). We've painted most of the top floor with primer (which is infinitely better, even without color, than the horrible dirty tan color that the whole place was previously). We've made the kitchen workable, despite many boxes still to be unpacked. We have tv (though we have yet to re-locate the remote controls for same). Life is slipping back into something of a normal routine.

In the not-so-routine, the car is in the shop - it's been burning oil from some unknown leak in the engine. They've had it nearly a week, trying to figure out what the scoop is. Also, my knee needs to be in the shop. Some of you probably remember that I twisted it rather badly 4 or 5 years ago. Moving into a 3 story house has reminded me that I never had it properly seen to. It was getting sore, a lot- and the Troll's mom brought me a knee brace from their stock. Now it doesn't hurt nearly as often, but it is (when I'm not being ultra-careful with it) making the most obscene, horrible noise I think I've ever heard from a body part. Gotta find a good orthopedist & have it checked out. Bah.

The cats appear to have taken the move well. They, too, seem back to their usual routines. All is good, if busy and somewhat discombobulated. I have been working steadily, this afternoon, on the over-1500 emails in my various inboxes (my vino mail was previously using thunderbird, which kills a lot of spam, but I managed to do something to thunderbird to make it not work - so I'm working with webmail on it, and the webmail doesn't have a spam filter, as far as I know).

Eventually, I hope to try to start reading LJ again. If you've had anything happen that you want me to know about in the past few weeks, please drop me a note - there's no way I'm ever going to catch up on it all on my own.

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