a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

On the work front...

I'm feeling much more tolerant of my co-workers after my week off two weeks ago. Vacations are a good thing.

Also, I've asked my supervisor to consider a trial work schedule change for me...from working noon-10pm Mon-Thursday, to working noon-8pm, Mon-Friday. It'd be nice to get out of work early enough to do something besides ride the train home & go to bed. However, I only want a trial, because when I originally took this schedule, my absences due to migraine dropped considerably. That might be the saturation factor (ie, if there are only 4 possible days I can call in sick, instead of 5, then statistically, I'm less likely to be sick on a work day), or perhaps the later start time (many migraines apparently occur in the early morning). In any case, I'd hate to change schedules & realize that it was a problem, and not be able to switch back.

So I proposed a two-month trial period, consisting of June & July (since I've already made some vacation plans for this month). She'll be letting me know in a few days whether or not this is possible.

I'd miss my 3 day weekends, I know that for sure. It may be worth it anyway.

In other work news: next Friday I'm going to spend part of the day hanging with a friend of mine in the network department. I can hardly wait!
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