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The house hunt and the packing continue. We got all of our books packed up and carted to the storage unit last weekend - we have a ridiculous amount of books, but I treasure them all. As soon as I find my bluetooth dongle, I'll upload a pic of all the book boxes in the storage unit. Unfortunately, a couple of books got packed that shouldn't have, and now I've had to delay two requests for bookmooch books. It sucks. I can be glad, at least, that not ALL the bookmooch books got packed. One of my tasks today is to go through my inventory and determine if there are any others. Feh.

The middle of the week holiday was spent taking stuff off the walls here in the apartment and spackling. Oddly, I really enjoy the process of spackling; I find it peaceful. I spackled some more this morning. A very good thing in the midst of the chaos of finding and buying a house, and packing up everything to move into said house. Which we still haven't chosen. None of the original 5 that I had hopes for are an option.

We went out with the realtor again on Saturday. We saw one more real possibility of a house, so we've got it narrowed down to 3. We're going to ask the Trollmom to take a look at them with us, and get her input. We've also got the realtor doing some homework on them to determine how much wiggle-room in price they might have (when they were last sold and for what price, how long they've been on the market, prices for similar houses in the area). Hopefully we'll be making an offer before the end of this week. Hopefully we'll get a fantabulous deal. Adoring the house isn't necessary, it just needs to be tolerable for roughly the next two years.

The Chile Pepper House - This is a lovely twin, with beautiful wood floors and a fireplace. There is essentially no kitchen, however. Apparently it was most recently purchased by someone who wanted to rehab & resell it, but who then ran out of money. It would seem that this person did not pay the contractor who was working on the kitchen, and said contractor spattered paint and what appears to be chile sauce all over the floors and walls. It would need a stove and fridge, and for the kitchen sink to be hooked up. It looks really, really ugly, but really, it's cosmetic and would look much nicer with a good cleaning. Its twin is in good condition too and it's in a good neighborhood.

The Stained Glass House - This one is huge. It has 3 full floors (most of the others in our price range have 2 and a finished attic), with 5 large bedrooms. It's all carpeted, so we don't know what the floors underneath are like. The front 2nd floor bedroom has a lovely arched window with stained glass in it. It would also, I think, need both stove & fridge (since we're looking primarily at vacant houses, this is pretty common). It's in a fringe neighborhood, right around the corner for gorgeous, fully-restored mansion types. The attached twin is well-cared for, but the set next to them is condemned. There's some sort of garage (probably not currently active) and an empty lot across the street.

The Other House - This is actually the first house that we saw with the realtor. It's in an iffy neighborhood, but the house is perfectly acceptable. It has a long yard, that ends at an alleyway - and has the ruins of a garage that once was there. It would mean off-street parking (something almost no city houses have), and the garage could be rebuilt. It could be really cool. I'd have to look at it again to offer further details.

So that's where things are today.
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