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The House-Hunt

Well. Friday night, we winnowed our list of 43 properties down to a more manageable size (nixing those that have, say, tenants or oil heating). On Saturday the Troll and I spent most of the day driving around, getting a first glance at the many, many properties that looked interesting on paper. Of those, we've got it narrowed down to 14 that we're going to view with a realtor tomorrow.

We were originally going to go yesterday, but our first realtor was called away by family issues, and so we re-scheduled for tomorrow with a colleague she recommended. This is really a very good thing, since yesterday was hot and humid and pre-storm, which meant that I spent much of yesterday very carefully not-moving with a migraine. It lifted sometime after the storm last night (which ended sometime after I fell asleep). Today it's also hot and humid, though thankfully, no brain-pain for me today. Tomorrow is slated for nearly a 20-degree drop in the high temp, so I am doubly grateful for the delay.

The Gothic House

+ It's big, it's beautiful, and it has 2 full baths. It has central air. It has a front porch. Also, it's beautiful.
- It's in what *I* consider an iffy neighborhood, and I've been living in so-called bad neighborhoods practically all my life. The twin it's attached to is boarded up and may be slated for destruction by the city. On the one hand, empty lot next door! On the other - deconstruction noises(and possibly damage) and dirt preceding said empty lot.

The Barn

+ It's big, and on a dead end across from a park! Its twin is in decent shape. It has a front porch. Oh, and it kinda looks like a barn.
- It's a bit rundown-looking on the outside. It lists "other" for cooking and heating fuel. Propane, maybe? A puzzler.

The Spanish

+ It's in an area next to a newly-becoming-gentrified area, so it will likely rise in value. It's in mostly-solid condition. It has a long (though narrow) back yard. It's an end-unit. It's on an alley, so part of the back yard could be made into a parking space.
- It seems smallish (this could be illusory), and the add-ons will probably need reconstruction. It will definitely require a back yard privacy fence. The yard is entirely shaded and nothing but dirt. No front porch.

The Generic #1

+ Typical, decent condition twin in a nearly-suburban neighborhood.
- See above

The Generic #2

See Generic #1.

Odds are high that we'll end up with The Spanish. I really think (not having seen them) that this would be the best investment property, and it certainly seems quite liveable. But I have a sekrit, undying love for The Gothic. Who knows? Maybe one of the others will completely come alive once we see the inside!

I've been having serious resistance issues about writing lately. I think that part of the problem is that I get so many inspirations, and I can't write them fast enough - and I end up with a blockage of too many things to write about - which in turn causes me to not write at all. It sucks, but I'm working on it.
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