a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

everything you never wanted to know about migraines...

most of the day today i've been down with a migraine. not quite the headsplitting, puking variety....this one was more the nauseated, head in a vice but not too tight, disoriented and lethargic variety.

i've learned much over the years about migraines, and about mine, specifically. see, migraines are evil, the don't affect everyone the same way. they aren't even triggered by the same things. mine, for instance, are usually triggered by rapid changes in barometric pressure, of all the obnoxious & uncontrollable things.

the past two mornings i've woken up achy & in pain. my jaw hurts (apparently from clenching it in my sleep). although i don't remember any waking dreams from yesterday, today's was full of rage. i've noticed that extreme crankiness & anger often precede the pain part of my migraines. as do a lack of ability to focus, and lethargy, as i mentioned above....today i guess i had it all going at once. i ended up sleeping much of the day, which is a drag, because i had a ton of stuff to do, including going into work for a few hours. ::sigh::

moral of the story? migraines are no fun, and i hate them. may none of you ever suffer from them.
Tags: health/medical, migraine log
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