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First: Mugger meets drunken martial arts dude. Hilarity ensues. (via lysana)

Thanks to the enormous help from T & K last weekend, moving stuff into the storage unit is happening fairly quickly. They (T, K & the Troll) moved a bunch of stuff in last weekend, and then hauled a bunch of stuff down from the attic - which is where the Troll & I started this weekend. We got a couple of good loads out on Saturday, then another on Sunday.

Then we took a trip to the closest Targét, to buy some more supersoft clothing* for me, and various stuff for the Troll. We had fun. It's so funny to me, that after 7 years of dating, the Troll is still my favorite person to hang out with, and we have fun doing even the most mundane of things. It's lovely.

The packing continues apace. It's actually going much more quickly than I expected. I say that now, and dread how slowly the will go - as it always does. Bah.

The landlord, on the other hand, continues to be weird and demand strangely unreasonable and self-contradictory things of us. We continue to deny her, via lawyer. Oddly enough, after being completely wigged by the situation for several weeks, I have suddenly completely ceased to stress about it. Now I am just madly curious about what could have happened to her brain to make her behave this way. It's a puzzle. It's also a much, much better feeling than being wigged - I don't do stress very well at all.

Stress has also ebbed in regards to my younger brother...because I've done all the things I know how to do to help him, and am ready to give up now. I'm sad about it, but not stressed.

Or perhaps all this stress is just a cyclical thing, and I'll get back to it after a bit. Let's hope not, eh?

The cats and I are mostly over The Cold that we have been sharing. Poo is still dreadfully cranky with the other cats, and I hear the occasional hairy sneeze from the others, but everyone is feeling much better.

I am compiling clothing for the Browncoat Ball in September. I'm really excited about it - and I think I'm going to look fabulous. I can hardly wait.

Both bookmooch and librarything are down today - which is a drag, as I had things to do in both of them. Ah well.

Despite my annoyance with Skinny Bitch (which I will eventually write an actual review of), I'm slowly working toward a nearly-vegan diet, which, once I get there, I'll do for 6-8 weeks to see if it accomplishes anything useful for me. I say nearly-vegan because I think that I will continue to have lean meat and/or eggs once a week, and I flatly refuse to stop having half & half in my rare coffee. The book's authors depend heavily on fake meats & eggs, and I have yet to find one of those that is celiac-safe - hence the once-a-week thing. The half & half is just because I am a stubborn shit who has a limited enough diet as it is.

Finished off the last of the cheese in the house a few days ago. Now have fake cheese, which is strangely slick and sort of grainy. The package claims that it melts, but more accurately, I'd say it sort of liquefies when it's heated. Then, when it cools, it goes back to the exact texture as it was before (except that it is less gritty). It's very strange.

It's raining like mad here, a storm (or more likely, a series of them) that has been hovering about for several days has broken. It's almost night-dark, and I can hear the rain pounding on the air-conditioner in the window.

*Supersoft is my own name for it, not anything official. Target (and perhaps other stores) have been offering clothes made from this wonderful fabric for awhile now. All of mine appear to be in the laundry at the moment, or I'd grab the tag and note the fabric content. I LOVE it. It's good for sleeping in, or just hanging out, and has the highest comfort level of any clothing I've ever worn. Several different brands are using it, and they often add to the comfort by printing the label on the fabric instead of stitching one in. It's a veritable revolution in clothing, if you ask me.
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