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find your Inner Goddess

The Goddess of Wisdom and companion of heroes—symbol of Intellect & Courage. Athena is the favorite daughter of Zeus and is often seen wearing a helmet and a bronze breastplate; armed for war. Her animal symbol is the owl, and she is often accompanied by Nike, the goddess of Victory.

You are wise beyond your years and know when to fight and when to make a tactical retreat. You are goal-oriented and know how to methodically bring all the threads of life together like a master weaver, which can sometimes make you seem distant and aloof. Though you are not likely to be a hero yourself, you know what it takes to be one and you would be a great teacher & advisor. Any partner of yours can be successful by virtue of your love.

You are likely an INTP (scholar), INTJ (expert) or ENTJ (general) personality type, and your enneagram is #5, The Observer with a little of #6, The Dealer. Because you love wisdom, yours is the sixth chakra: Ajna, the third eye (between the eyebrows), which is associated with wisdom. Your aura is suffused with the color Indigo, denoting your nobility.
How do you compare?
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I am Challenger Deep!
Which Extremity of the World Are You?
From the towering colossi at Rum and Monkey.</p>

Ah, but they forget about the friendly kraaken and the Great Cthulhu. My pals.
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