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Support the OPEN Government Act!

From the EFF Newsletter:

A single Senator is blocking legislation that would help protect the public's right to know. Bipartisan open government legislation has already passed in the House, and a similar measure was on its way to the Senate floor until Senator John Kyl placed a "hold" on it. Don't let this stall tactic stand in the way of government transparency -- take action now:


The OPEN Government Act would provide some important updates to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), a crucial tool used to compel the release of government documents. This bill will give federal agencies, like the FBI and the FCC, greater incentive to follow the law and make it easier for all FOIA requesters to access government documents.

EFF's FOIA Litigation for Accountable Government (FLAG) project relies on FOIA to expose the government's expanding use of new technologies that invade Americans' privacy, and this bill would greatly help in our and other organizations' efforts to protect your rights.

Please tell your Senators to help advance this bill to the Senate floor immediately:

For news about Senator Kyl's "hold":

For more on EFF's FLAG project:
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