a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Sweet, silly kitties

So a little while ago, Pan (the large one with the shrill, squeaky, LOUD voice) starts saying "MREEP! MREEEEEP! MREEEEP!" This is the sound he makes when he wants something - food, attention, fresh water, to be wet down (yes, he likes to be wet down). My usual response to him is "What is it, sweetheart?", and so I say this. The MREEEPING stops.

I look over at him, and realize that he's asleep. He's been MREEPING at me in his sleep. Adorable.

Yes, today, it would seem, I am posting instead of packing (or writing actual content, for potential pay). Wanna make something of it?

Also, my procrastinatory nature has me reading - not one, but two books, alternately. They are a re-read of Kushiel's Chosen and an original read of Skinny Bitch. I'll definitely be posting a review on this one, once I've gone through it all. In short, it has some good points, but my bullshit meter is getting a serious workout.

I think I'll go vacuum now. Excuse me.
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