a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Don't be an asshole.

(swiped from markeyisapunk)

How Not To Be An Asshole - A Guide for Men

Though I personally think that the guide could be for both women and men, the fact remains that men seem to fall into assholeishness more often. Not only is the post itself incredibly eloquent, but there are a metric ton of informative, knowledgable, TRUE responses to it as well.

I only knew about the Kathy Sierra thing at the very fringes, due to my nearly permanant, self-inflicted news blackout*. Now that I'm reading about the full story, and all the crap she put up with secondarily to the horrific threats of death and rape (and the public posting of her home address), I am deeply, deeply ashamed of my fellow humans.

*For those that wonder, I suspect that I would very likely be another Hothead Paisan if I kept up with news on any kind of regular basis at all. Hothead shifts constantly between being homocidally enraged at the misogyny in the world, and being too depressed to move by it - layered with moments of bliss from being with cats & close friends. Yes, news from the world mangles me that badly.
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