a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Insomnia & Etc

I got to sleep some time after 2am. I woke just before 6.

So, instead of the futile act of staying in bed & pretending that I'd be able to go back to sleep, I hauled my carcass out of bed and walked down to Clark Park with the Troll. Fortunately, I had just put some benadryl strips in my pouch - the pollen is thick enough today that you can actually see it floating through the air in front of your eyes. I decided that instead of walking directly back home the way I'd come (which, I've just discovered, is about 1.3 miles), to wander around a bit, see the end of Clark Park I've never seen before (I only recently learned that it existed). The walk was delightful, and included some ups, some downs, and some stairs. I just mapped it out on Google Earth, which says it was 2 miles even.

Now, of course, I've rediscovered the Google Earth measuring device, and am playing. The walk the Troll and I took on Saturday on the way to procuring our storage unit was about 1.93 miles. Terribly exciting - I didn't realize that I was fit enough to do that without paying dearly. Hurray for me! I may just have to walk down to the post office later today, just to continue the trend (I have stuff to mail out, and I *could* just walk it up to the box on the corner). If I do, it'll be an additional 2.4 miles. Wheee!

And then maybe...just maybe, I'll be able to sleep tonight.
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